Champions of Ashan Tournament

MMHO_BBM1583_champions-of-ashan_1920x1080_announcementDear Heroes,

Are you brave enough? Strong enough? Have you got the necessary experience to become the first Champion of Ashan? Yes?

Now you can prove it in the Champion of Ashan Tournament and win a Playstation 4!

The Champion of Ashan Tournament is a PvP based tournament in which everyone can participate. The preliminaries will be fought in each environment individually at which end the top 10 of the main league from each server are nominated for the finals.

During the preliminaries you have to fight ranked PvP duels to earn the necessary points to get to the main league and to the top of the main league. But that’s not all, you can also sign up for a wildcard lottery from which, randomly, 2 additional players will be nominated for the finals.

1. A PlayStation4 + Gold Medal + Special Dye + Title + 50.000 HS
2. Silver Medal + 100 € Amazon Gift card + Special Dye + Title + 20.000 HS
3. Bronze Medal + 100 € Amazon Gift card + Special Dye + Title + 15.000 HS
4. 50 € Amazon Gift card + Title + 15.000 HS
5 – 16. 25 € Amazon Gift card + Title + 8.000 HS
17 – 32. Title + 5.000 HS

The Wildcards
As some players might not have the chance to get to the top in the main league we offer a Wildcard Lottery. Each player, who has unlocked PvP already, can sign up HERE {} for a wildcard. Among all entries we will randomly select 2 participants for the finals. Furthermore, 8 additional players will be selected among all entries to stand in for a player who drops out before the first round of the finals has started.

Season 1: 2.3.15 – 9.3.15
Season 2: 9.3.15 – 16.3.15
Season 3: 16.3.15 – 23.3.15
Season 4: 23.3.15 – 30.3.15
Season 5: 30.3.15 – 6.4.15
Season 6: 6.4.15 – 13.4.15

Entry period for the Wildcard lottery: 2.3.2015 – 12.4.2015 23:59 CEST

Announcement of the Wildcard winners: 14.04.2015

Hero-copy-day: 16.04.2015

Finals Round 1:                   20.4.2015 + 21.4.2015         17:00 CEST – 20:00 CEST
Finals Round 2:                   22.04.2015                           17:00 CEST – 20:00 CEST
Finals Round 3:                   23.04.2015                           17:00 CEST – 20:00 CEST
Semi-Finals:                        24.04.2015                           17:00 CEST – 20:00 CEST
Fight for 3rd place:               25.04.2015                           17:00 CEST – 20:00 CEST
Finals:                                 26.04.2015                            17:00 CEST – 20:00 CEST

Extra Goals
Even if you are new to Might & Magic Heroes Online or don’t have the time to participate in the finals, you can still unlock rewards in the Champion of Ashan Tournament by fighting ranked PvP battles. We will count all ranked PvP battles which were fought during the 6 seasons of each account and book one of the following rewards individually for each player:




-          All players who can fight ranked PvP battles can participate in this event
-          The preliminaries will last 6 seasons (02.03.2015 – 13.04.2015)
-          The finals will take place on our Staging Server
-          Only the top 10 of the main league at the end of a specific season will participate in this event
-          The Hero which is shown in the ranking will be copied
-          A player can only participate with one hero in the finals. If he/she has more than one Hero in the top 10 of the main league, only the best placed hero will participate in the finals
-          The heroes will be copied to the staging server on a specific day. While the whole inventory is copied, Hero Seals are not copied
-          After the finals, the Hero from the staging server WILL NOT be merged back to the origin live server
-          Participants agree that their ingame name and environment they are playing on are named in our communications on our social media platforms, website and other news channels
-          Ubisoft employees, partners and family members are not allowed to participate in this event
-          We reserve the right to end the event earlier if an issue occurs with the event, the execution of the event or the game version
-          We also reserve the right to change the rules of the event without a warning, if the execution of the event is somehow in danger
-          The Rules of Conduct apply also on all communication during the event. Players who break the rules of conduct and are banned from the game are also banned from the finals
-          Any recourse to courts of law is excluded

-          It is not possible to buy Hero Seals for the account on the Staging Server, where the finals take place.
-          The accounts on staging will have 0 Hero Seals
-          The login credentials for the accounts on staging will be provided by the MMHO Team to the participants of the finals
-          Each battle in the finals must be fought in a specific time frame given by the MMHO Team

  • The time frame will be 3h long (17:00 CEST – 20:00 CEST)
  • The first battle must start within the first 30 minutes of the time frame
  • If one of the players does not show up in the first 30 minutes, he/she will lose the match
  • If one player logs out before the 3 battles were fought and doesn’t come back in time, he/she will lose the match
  • If both players don’t show-up, both will lose. The fixture won’t be rescheduled
  • Only if an issue on the MMHO side prevented them from logging in, the match will be rescheduled.

-          Each fixture of the finals consists of 3 battles. The player who has won 2 out of 3 battles is the winner
-          The battles in the finals are fought as a friendly duel
-          Participants of the finals need to coordinate the battle arrangement with their opponent on their own.
-          Only battles fought against the opponent during the giving time frame are accepted for the tournament
-          The exact dates for the battles are set and communicated by the MMHO Team. The date can’t be shifted
-          Disconnects are only accepted as a reason for a replay of the fixture, if the claimed disconnect was caused by a game issue and is written in the server logs
-          Might & Magic Heroes Online cannot be held responsible for issues which are out of our reference
-          The outcome of the matches will be checked by the community management team on the day after the match
-          Claims of cheating must be sent on the day of the battle to an email address. Only if the report is hand in on the same day, it can be taken into account. The time our server has received the mail is the main factor, not the time it was sent
-          If a directly qualified person drops out of the tournament for any reason, before the first round has started, he/she will be replaced by another wildcard winner.

In addition:
We will create a replay out of the final match and upload it on our social media and news channels like Facebook, YouTube and the MMHO Website. Furthermore, we would like to have a short interview (text based, no video) with the Champion of Ashan. The interview or parts of it may be used for Marketing or PR purposes.

To participate in the finals, you have to accept the rules above. It is not possible to partially agree to them. Not observing the rules may result in a disqualification from the event.

Refine your artefacts and sharpen your weapons. We are looking for the Champion of Ashan – fight your way to the top and may your name go down in the history of Might & Magic Heroes Online!

Best regards and good luck
Your MMHO-Team

Might vs. Magic issue

Dear Heroes,

We have listened to your feedback regarding the misbalance between Might Heroes and Magic Heroes.  Based on your feedback and our statistics we have decided how we can bring the classes in balance. This took a bit more time as we wanted to collect as much data as possible and read as much feedback as possible. From the very beginning we preferred to strengthen the Might Hero more. And here is what we are planning to do.

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Changes in balancing and mechanics

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Thank you!

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These past months have been really exciting for us, and since the launch in open beta in our first market (in April) we have achieved several important milestones:

  • We are now available in 4 languages (Germany, Russian-speaking territories, Poland, Czech Republic). More languages are planned in the upcoming months, so stick with us!
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The Forgotten Sites

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An open letter from the Creative Director

Dear Heroes,

Today we would like to share an open letter from Palle Hoffstein with you. Palle Hoffstein is the creative director of Might & Magic Heroes Online and a veteran in the Gaming Industry.


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The Party Raids

Dear Heroes,

Today we would like to introduce you to a new feature which will be implemented into the game in the upcoming weeks – The Party Raids.

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Advanced Troops

Dear Heroes,

We were asked many times if there will be advanced troops in MMHO and we said “advanced troops are not in the launch scope of the game but we will add them later”.
Many players and fans told us, that advanced troops are important for them and that we should consider them for the launch version of MMHO. The feedback from our players and fans is really important for us and we decided to implement them in the release candidate.

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