Might vs. Magic issue

Dear Heroes,

We have listened to your feedback regarding the misbalance between Might Heroes and Magic Heroes.  Based on your feedback and our statistics we have decided how we can bring the classes in balance. This took a bit more time as we wanted to collect as much data as possible and read as much feedback as possible. From the very beginning we preferred to strengthen the Might Hero more. And here is what we are planning to do.

Leadership Increase for Might Heroes starting at Level 9
We consider Might Heroes to be these Heroes that are most focused on their Troops and relying on their brute force on the battlefield. For this reason, they have the extra Troop Slot and a small Leadership Bonus compared to the Magic Hero.

Looking at the data we received, it became apparent, that these extra troops were not sufficient to bring the Might Hero to the same Power Level like the Magic Hero. Therefore, and also to further strengthen the Might Hero’s focus on their army, we have decided to add more Leadership for this Class.

The Leadership Increase will come into play at Level 9 and more and more Leadership will be added until Level 30. In the end, this will mean Level 30 Might Heroes will have 6 more Elite Creatures / 2 more Champion Creatures per Stack in their active army than they have now. This may not sound much, but it means 12 more Champions in play per Battle and a 10% increase in Power.

Second Hero Turn for Might Heroes at Level 22
The best army does not help you, if you have no means to counter spells that disable your creatures. Currently the Might Hero has a big disadvantage particularly after Level 22, when the Magic Heroes gained their third turn.

To grant more tactical versatility to the Might hero we will therefore add a second Hero turn for Might Heroes at Level 22. Together with his strengthened army, this should give them the means to react to all kind of challenges present in PvE and in PvP.

We are confident that these changes will be successful to bring Might and Magic Heroes on a level playing field. Thank you for your feedback and ideas on how to bring the classes in balance.

We would like to collect your feedback before we are going to deploy the changes. What do you think about the changes we are planning to apply on Might Heroes?

Best regards,

Hello, dear Heroes!
Thank you for your feedback regarding different Hero Classes. We were listening to your proposals and would like to announce that Might Heroes will have access to the “Dispel Magic” Ability from the Prime School. This Ability works the same way as for Magic Heroes, enabling your Might Hero to dispel all kind of spells of all Troops in an certain Area.

Changes in balancing and mechanics

Dear players,

Thank you!

We would like to start this letter with a big thank you from the whole MMHO team.

These past months have been really exciting for us, and since the launch in open beta in our first market (in April) we have achieved several important milestones:

  • We are now available in 4 languages (Germany, Russian-speaking territories, Poland, Czech Republic). More languages are planned in the upcoming months, so stick with us!
  • Based on your feedback, we have worked on balancing, improved the layouts of the battlemaps, refactored the chat, improved our tutorial and many more changes that would be too long to list here. Continue reading

The Forgotten Sites

Dear Heroes,

A few weeks ago an old Hero told us a story about the Forgotten Sites of Ashan – mystical places where fame and fortune are waiting for those who are able to make their way through the corridors and defeat the various encounters.

At first we thought the guy might be a blathering lunatic, but he had something in his voice, something which showed us that he couldn’t be making this up. We, two other Heroes and myself, decided to keep our eyes open while we were riding through the provinces of Continue reading

MMHO the unique experience – Part 1

Dear Heroes,

MMHO is in open beta in Germany and Russia and more languages will follow this year. And now it´s time to talk about the unique experience MMHO offers you.

When the project was announced many thought that we would create a copy of Heroes 6 in a web based environment. Those who had already had the chance to play the game will agree that this is not the case. In Heroes Online we took the traditional Heroes experience and transferred them into a MMO. Continue reading

An open letter from the Creative Director

Dear Heroes,

Today we would like to share an open letter from Palle Hoffstein with you. Palle Hoffstein is the creative director of Might & Magic Heroes Online and a veteran in the Gaming Industry.


In a few weeks, we’ll be launching Might and Magic Heroes Online in Germany. But, as with any live game, things are only just beginning. I want to take this opportunity to let everyone know what we’ve been working on, and talk about what we’re planning for the road ahead.

First, we must offer our thanks to all our players in our friends-and-family and closed Beta communities. Your feedback and enthusiasm has been invaluable. Continue reading

The Party Raids

Dear Heroes,

Today we would like to introduce you to a new feature which will be implemented into the game in the upcoming weeks – The Party Raids.

You will be able to team up with 4 other heroes and take the challenge of defeating a fixed amount of encounters in those provinces.

While you progress in the game you will get to the point at which the party raid provinces will be unlocked. While you will get introduced to the raid provinces, it is not mandatory to play them. You can return later at any desired time. For our players who reached the end of the story, these new challenges will become a great addition to the daily and weekly quests to prove their skill level and tactics. Continue reading

Advanced Troops

Dear Heroes,

We were asked many times if there will be advanced troops in MMHO and we said “advanced troops are not in the launch scope of the game but we will add them later”.
Many players and fans told us, that advanced troops are important for them and that we should consider them for the launch version of MMHO. The feedback from our players and fans is really important for us and we decided to implement them in the release candidate.

Continue reading

The team behind MMHO Part 2: Carsten Eckhardt

Dear Heroes,
We asked our team member Carsten Eckhardt to tell us a bit about his job in the MMHO Team.

Can you please introduce yourself?
Hi, I’m Carsten Eckhardt, I’m 39 years old and senior digital artist here at Related Designs.

   How long are you with related designs
My job at Related Designs was actually my first job in the industry and
so I’ve been part of the industry and the company for around eleven years now.
    What other games have you worked on
Continue reading