Changes in balancing and mechanics

Dear players,

Thank you!

We would like to start this letter with a big thank you from the whole MMHO team.

These past months have been really exciting for us, and since the launch in open beta in our first market (in April) we have achieved several important milestones:

  • We are now available in 4 languages (Germany, Russian-speaking territories, Poland, Czech Republic). More languages are planned in the upcoming months, so stick with us!
  • Based on your feedback, we have worked on balancing, improved the layouts of the battlemaps, refactored the chat, improved our tutorial and many more changes that would be too long to list here. Continue reading

The Forgotten Sites

Dear Heroes,

A few weeks ago an old Hero told us a story about the Forgotten Sites of Ashan – mystical places where fame and fortune are waiting for those who are able to make their way through the corridors and defeat the various encounters.

At first we thought the guy might be a blathering lunatic, but he had something in his voice, something which showed us that he couldn’t be making this up. We, two other Heroes and myself, decided to keep our eyes open while we were riding through the provinces of Ashan and suddenly we recognized them – old obelisks which were tendrilled and unheeded.

The Old Hero’s stories in mind, curious if those forgotten sites could really exist, we took a closer look. Pulling away tangled vines and the dust of centuries we found an inscription etched upon it that told the tale of brave Heroes who entered the dungeons with neither armies nor equipment and took the challenge for honor and fame.fs2

After we found the first obelisk we figured out that there are more than one in each province, not all of them active at the same time, and we had to find more than one active obelisk to get access to the Forgotten Sites. It seems to be directly related to our experience how many obelisks we had to activate before we could unlock a Forgotten Site.

I was among the first who managed to find enough active obelisks and what I encountered there was completely new to me. Used to fighting my battles with my strong army and equipped with the best artefacts, I found myself without my troops and equipment in a dungeon. My stats were set to defined values and I was a bit shocked by this. I found a few troops waiting for me at the entry of the dungeons and more troops guarded by encounter in the dungeon. I fought my way through the Forgotten Site, collected fresh troops and crystals until I faced the boss – a multi-headed monster.

This was no trivial fight – we faced strong armies led by this multi-headed monster. Round after round I took huge losses and could give back little in revenge. Believe me when I say, I feared this would be my end. The boss wiped out one stack after another and I was forced to defend. I healed my stacks and buffed their defenses. I was able to decimate his army, slowly but constantly. After several rounds I had only one stack of Griffins remaining and the multi-headed monster standing alone on the battlefield. I looked him in the eyes and we both know that this would be the final round. It was his move, and again I thought my end had come, but his attack was weak and some of my Griffins survived. His move left him in a vulnerable position! I had some Mana left and cast an “Empowered Bolt” upon him – it would prove to be enough. I commanded my Griffins to backstab him! Time seemed to stand still as I watched the great monster slowly going down.  I was rewarded with experience points, a legendary artefact, many resources and a powerful shard.

It won’t be long until you will be able to experience the Forgotten Sites. Fame and fortune awaits all brave Heroes who take up the gauntlet for a chance to prove their extraordinary skills.

Make sure to like us on Facebook and regularly check the news on our website; you don’t want to miss the release of the Forgotten Sites.

Best regards

MMHO the unique experience – Part 1

Dear Heroes,

MMHO is in open beta in Germany and Russia and more languages will follow this year. And now it´s time to talk about the unique experience MMHO offers you.

When the project was announced many thought that we would create a copy of Heroes 6 in a web based environment. Those who had already had the chance to play the game will agree that this is not the case. In Heroes Online we took the traditional Heroes experience and transferred them into a MMO.
Once you have started your journey through Ashan you will recognize immediately the most obvious change: you travel in real time. No one would like to wait until thousands of other players have finished their move :)

Might & Magic Heroes Online is not a simple spinoff of a previous Heroes game made for the Browser, Heroes Online is a new child of the Might & Magic Heroes Brand which combines the well-known elements of a Heroes game with unique mechanics of MMO games.
We’ve added new features to the game like the Party Raids and he coop battles, I’ve talked about them earlier in our blog. In addition to these new features, we’ve also revised the battle mechanics to create a deeper tactical element to the game. Mechanics such as Flank and Backstab attacks, Defensive Mode and Ranged Units having limited attack ranges, puts a greater emphasis on positioning and unit facing than in previous Might & Magic Titles.

“Defense Mode?” you ask “What’s special about this?” and let me tell you. When a creature is in Defense Mode it creates a defensive zone in the hexes around it. If an enemy creature enters any of these hexes its movement is reduced so it cannot run passed.
You can use this mode to create or hold bottlenecks in battle maps, holding the enemy at bay with tough melee units, while keeping your squishy ranged units safe from harm.

Flanking and backstabbing are also new to the Heroes brand; it allows you to get a bonus on the dealt damage if you managed to attack an enemy in the back.  Up to 50% more damage can be dealt with this bonus, but be carefully as the enemy will try to do the same.

Recruiting new troops or collecting resources in your towns are also no longer turn based, but real time! As you will travel in real time over the map, your troops and resources will also be generated over short time intervals, production will also continue when you are offline until the stock is full.

A few players already asked us; “Well, if I travel in real time and my resources will also produce in real time, is there turn based experience in MMHO?” and yes, the game still has a turn based component  – the battles.

We felt that turn based battles combat are the heart and soul of a Heroes game and that it would be a core gameplay experience in MMHO. We wanted to make sure it was done correctly from the start, with Hex Grids not Squares! Although your journey through the province is in real time, we kept Action Points. In MMHO you can play as many battles as you want to ride through the world of Ashan as long as you want, but once you fight a main story related battle, Action Points will be consumed.
You can reduce the amount of consumed Action Points when you fight the battle in coop which is also highly advisable for boss battles.
If you run out of Action Points you can still fight battles for artefacts and resources but you can’t fight story battles any longer. Your Action Points will be replenished after 24h or you can use elixirs you can buy in the shop.

Before this blog post gets too large I’ll stop, more to come in one of our next blog posts.

Best regards
Your BB_Kuby

An open letter from the Creative Director

Dear Heroes,

Today we would like to share an open letter from Palle Hoffstein with you. Palle Hoffstein is the creative director of Might & Magic Heroes Online and a veteran in the Gaming Industry.


In a few weeks, we’ll be launching Might and Magic Heroes Online in Germany. But, as with any live game, things are only just beginning. I want to take this opportunity to let everyone know what we’ve been working on, and talk about what we’re planning for the road ahead.

First, we must offer our thanks to all our players in our friends-and-family and closed Beta communities. Your feedback and enthusiasm has been invaluable. You not only help us find bugs, ensuring future players have a smoother experience, you help us balance the game and challenge our assumptions. In taking the traditional Might and Magic turn-based combat to an online MMO, you told us that the traditional turn-based battles did not offer enough variety for on-going daily play, and so we added a variety of battle win conditions to spice things up. You told us the game’s performance wasn’t good enough, and we can say the performance is now vastly better, without any loss to the game’s striking beauty. Based on your feedback, we’ve brought back classic Might and Magic Heroes features such as the Advanced Troops and Siege Battles.

We’ve been thrilled to see just how many of our players have been playing co-operatively. Seeing this, we’ve been working hard to add more co-operative gameplay. We’re adding party raids, where players join forces to clear a map full of unique challenges, which will be ready to play by Open Beta. And we’re adding more Guild features, such as quests an entire Guild can play at once.

While our players have told us they enjoy the quests and battles, they are also asking for other modes to play. In addition to the Sieges and Raids, we will have a large number of side-maps that require different strategies and offer great rewards. And of course, everyone is asking about player against player features; expect a big announcement soon after launch.

In addition to improvements and new features, we are working on additional content for the game. More Factions to play and new lands to explore are down the road. We are committed to offering regular and significant updates after launch, and we’ll have our first seasonal event this Summer. As we work on improvements and new content, please keep the feedback coming our way.

It’s been an honour and a thrill to develop a game in the Might and Magic universe and to work with the Might and Magic community. And for those of you new to the Might and Magic Heroes series, we hope you’ll soon see why this brand has been so vital for over 20 years.

The Blue Byte team is very excited to launch MMHO. And we are preparing to launch in many more regions in the months ahead. It is our hope that with an enchanted, immersive world, exciting new content, outstanding community support, and ongoing improvements based on player feedback, you’ll keep coming back to Ashan for more adventures.

Best regards
Palle Hoffstein
Creative Director MMHO

The Party Raids

Dear Heroes,

Today we would like to introduce you to a new feature which will be implemented into the game in the upcoming weeks – The Party Raids.

You will be able to team up with 4 other heroes and take the challenge of defeating a fixed amount of encounters in those provinces.

While you progress in the game you will get to the point at which the party raid provinces will be unlocked. While you will get introduced to the raid provinces, it is not mandatory to play them. You can return later at any desired time. For our players who reached the end of the story, these new challenges will become a great addition to the daily and weekly quests to prove their skill level and tactics. Continue reading

Advanced Troops

Dear Heroes,

We were asked many times if there will be advanced troops in MMHO and we said “advanced troops are not in the launch scope of the game but we will add them later”.
Many players and fans told us, that advanced troops are important for them and that we should consider them for the launch version of MMHO. The feedback from our players and fans is really important for us and we decided to implement them in the release candidate.

Continue reading

The team behind MMHO Part 2: Carsten Eckhardt

Dear Heroes,
We asked our team member Carsten Eckhardt to tell us a bit about his job in the MMHO Team.

Can you please introduce yourself?
Hi, I’m Carsten Eckhardt, I’m 39 years old and senior digital artist here at Related Designs.

   How long are you with related designs
My job at Related Designs was actually my first job in the industry and
so I’ve been part of the industry and the company for around eleven years now.
    What other games have you worked on
Continue reading

The Team behind MMHO part 1

Dear Heroes,

We want to start a new series on our Blog where we introduce the team behind MMHO to you.
Today we want to start with a general studio introduction of Related Designs.


Related Designs is a German development studio founded in 1995. By today the team of Related Designs released more than 25 projects and has more than 65 employees.

Continue reading